Down On Your Pot Luck

a slice of sweet potato pie

Mmmmm… Its pot luck time at the office. Everyone make sure to prepare a dish and get ready to socialize with your co-workers. It’s not often that the sales team gets to break bread with the pasty IT guys that work in the basement, so get ready to make new friends!

But wait, that sweet potato pie was made by Suzie in marketing. Even though she can’t be trusted with the most menial of tasks, are you really going to trust her with your life? Go ahead and take a bite of that dish, just hope that one of her 30 cats didn’t get to it first.

You know that your cubicle-mate (read: cell mate) has the messiest desk in the office. His desk is a war zone of strewn papers, McDonald’s cups, chewed up pen tops, with rings of goo under his coffee cup, and you’re pretty sure his keyboard has its own ecosystem. Whenever you go to lunch together you quickly offer to take your car, and though you would never dare to go there yourself, you are 95% positive that his house could be on an episode of Hoarders.

English: Photo of the living room of a compuls...

Who knew he could cook? Well you did of course because he has been talking about his famous stuffing dish all week. Are you going to pass over that dish before his judging eyes? You have spent your entire life building up immunities to deadly diseases, but you can’t help asking yourself, “will it be enough?”.

This year, maybe you should give be grateful for your life and eat out, before your pot luck runs out…


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