Welcome to Corporate Hell

Maybe you are like me, and you’ve done everything right; you studied hard through four years of college and finally got that job that you dreamed of. Then one day you realize that it isn’t the way you imagined it in your head, nailing that big presentation to the executives followed by high-fives and a big promotion to the tune of cheesy 80’s music.┬áRather, you find yourself at a software company, stuck in a cubicle surrounded by people you can’t stand, working for an incompetent boss, and doing mind-numbing, unfulfilling work.

This is Corporate America. This is your reward for all of your studies and hard work. That light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be a train, and the conductor (who also hates his job) isn’t stopping this thing until you are either 65 or dead.

But I’m not going to crawl back into the warm, safe womb of college, (the’ll nevah’ take me back!). I am going to chronicle my life in corporate America, and offer my observations, maybe some useful survival tips, and blow of steam by ranting and making fun of it all. I will do this until either I escape, or I die!

I will escape corporate America! And I’m taking you with me!